Zero hooks.

Zero gimmicks.

Zero commission.

Zero commission on all of our plans. It’s that simple. It’s time to start keeping more of what’s yours.

Fee free. Actually, just free.

Our service is totally free for our starter plans, and can be used on the free plan forever. We have higher tiers as you scale with us, but its always at a flat rate so you know what to expect.

Credit cards. Totally covered.

With an intelligently designed convenience fee program powered by our partner PolyPay, we’re able to cover credit card processing fees entirely. And since all of our plans have zero commission, you literally get to keep 100% of whats yours.

Beautiful. Easy to use.

Our system is as functional as it is good looking. Be proud of your site and system.


9.5/10 customers say our system is easy to use.

Set rules. Have options. Upcharge right.

Accepting orders online shouldn’t feel like the wild west. Set rules, options, upcharge for certain items, and make sure tickets come out looking right, with all the proper info.

Hours of operation. It’s so simple.

Dial in your hours of operation. It’s so simple, yet many online systems accept orders after you’re done or closed. Our system does not allow orders to go through, even if they are in progress, after a set time, which can change depending on how busy you are.

User support built right in.

User support can be easily found in the bottom corner of all of our pages. This goes directly to us, and we’re able to help all customers through our channels.

Lightning fast

Built on top of Cloudflares network, our system gets a better Pagespeed Insights score than Doordash and UberEats combined. This network is also incredibly secure so you or your customers don’t have to worry about their sensitive data.

Backed by a team who cares.

Our team works around the clock to ensure everything is working properly. And when it’s not, we’re there to help. You can always contact us via text, chat, or email to assist with operations. Because we’re in this together.

Ask questions first.

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