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Online Ordering

Online ordering designed to make your operation easier and more profitable. No more phone calls, no more missed orders, no more lost revenue.

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Payment Processing

Industry leading rates with no junk fees. We offer a variety of payment processing options to fit your needs.

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Web Hosting

If you're paying over $99 a year for hosting, you're paying too much. We offer affordable, reliable hosting for your website.

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Online Ordering. Done right.

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Dynamic wait time
Set the wait time on the fly as it increases and decreases, leading to less customer frustration, and less employee headaches.
Your brand. Not ours.
Choose your own fonts, logos, colors, and even host it on your own domain name (order.yourrestaurant.com). We're here to promote your brand. Not ours.
Oh yea. And we're the free option
Zero startup fee, zero commission fees, zero monthly fees, zero per transaction credit card fees. We also have paid plans that scale with you as you grow, but they're at a flat rate so you always know what to expect.
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Deploy faster

Represent any menu item online with ease

Our system allows you to represent any menu item you have in an intuitive way. No more workarounds, no more customer confusion, no more headaches.

Ingredient stock
Set certain ingredients out of stock to prevent orders from being placed with those ingredients, without having to close down the entire menu or set that item out of stock, leading to happier customers plus more sales.
It's all linked. All the time.
All of the same ingredients link together, so if you change the price of one, it changes the price of all of them. No more manually changing prices on every menu item.
Pumps. Sides. Scoops. You name it.
Customize your menu to include any type of item you want. Pumps vanilla, scoops ice cream, sides of salad. We've got you covered.
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“Our brand and customers are #1 for us. Blueplate solved so many online woes, and we couldn’t be happier. Plus, whenever I need help, they answer super quickly. It’s like magic.”

Owner, Nardonne's Baywood Park

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