About Blueplate

Our mission is to build excellent restaurant software at a reasonable price. It's that simple.

In early 2021, we noticed an abusive relationship between restaurants and their technology vendors – payment processing rates in the restaurant industry are the highest they’ve been in years and online ordering commission rates are so high many restaurants lose money for every online sale they make. It doesn’t have to be that way – and at Blueplate, we develop restaurant technology that is fair for everyone. It’s that simple.


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About our team

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Mason Randall

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Jesse McCreary

About our brand

Our name

In the 1940s, the blue plate special was all the rave. A solid option meal for a low price. And as much of the country began to move around due to advancements in transportation, pop up diners serving up the blue plate special became a sort of backbone of the classic American diner – get great food at a great cost – no hooks and no gimmicks.

We’re here to democratize tech in the restaurant industry, and be the new back bone which supports and builds people and restaurants up – just like the blue plate special back in the day.

The icon

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The blue plate to represent us and remind us of the big picture. The bits represent a restaurant having a healthy relationship with technology. The result is a mark that feels very representative of what we do, and incredibly human. The smile at the center is to always remember the human experience is at the center of what we do.