About Us

In early 2021, we noticed an abusive relationship between restaurants and their technology vendors – payment processing rates in the restaurant industry are the highest they’ve been in years and online ordering commission rates are so high many restaurants lose money for every online sale they make. It doesn’t have to be that way – and at Blueplate, we develop restaurant technology that is fair for everyone. It’s that simple.

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Our mission

To create human centric restaurant technology that is valuable, fair, and equitable.

Our brand

The Name

In the 1940s, the blue plate special was all the rave. A solid option meal for a low price. And as much of the country began to move around due to advancements in transportation, pop up diners serving up the blue plate special became a sort of backbone of the classic American diner – get great food at a great cost – no hooks and no gimmicks.

The year is 2022, and the industry is much changed. Restaurant owners don’t just have to focus on making good food anymore – it’s so much more complicated than it used to be, and it’s hard to say what companies are out to help you and which ones are out for blood. Technology companies from the top to the bottom spend a lot of time being the bloodsuckers and tearing apart the very foundation they build themselves on – solid, hardworking restaurant owners.

So how do we fit in? We’re here to democratize tech in the restaurant industry, and be the new back bone which supports and builds people and restaurants up – just like the blue plate special back in the day.

The Icon

The blue plate to represent us and remind us of the big picture. The bits represent a restaurant having a healthy relationship with technology.

The result is a mark that feels very representative of what we do, and incredibly human. The smile at the center is to always remember the human experience is at the center of what we do.

Our values

Remember the human

When building tech based experiences it can be easy to lose sight of who and what they are being built for – other people. We’re all working together to create the best experiences possible, from online order to your plate. Every step of our process we consider the person on the other end – whether its the restaurant owner, the cook, the customer, the server, or anyone else who makes use of our platforms.

Don't skip over the details, don't cut corners, don't take the easy way

There are hundreds of pieces of software that get so focused on the big picture, they forget about the small details – details that affect the livelihood of others. In some cases, these details aren’t “profit centers”, so they get left out. We refuse to cut corners or take the easy way out. After all, we didn’t become a competitor against massive, multi billion dollar companies to take the easy way out.

Consider the consequences

Technology companies are notorious for making sweeping changes in their best interests without warning that directly affect their users, clientele, and customers.

We consider the consequences of our actions, and the changes to our products, because we know and understand the importance of the products, and relying on them working a certain way.

Be real and genuine, while still being kind

We like to keep egos out. Of course we want ours to be the best (and think it is!), but we know we aren’t perfect and make mistakes. Sometimes the things we make aren’t good. The changes we make are not the right direction. As long as we keep egos out of the equation, we can improve on it and move on.

This mentality continues all through the chain. The customer isn’t always right, but if we can all acknowledge our mistakes, leave egos out, fix our mistakes collaboratively, move on, and be kind in the process, we can culture an enviornment where everyone wins.

Always ask why, never be complacent

We’ve spent a lot of time being told things are a certain way because thats just the way it is, but it can feel habitual to leave it at that.

A lot of these rules can be counteractive to progress. Here at Blueplate, we want to ask why, push boundaries, and never take no for an answer. Furthermore, we never want to be stuck in our ways, and continue to improve, be better, and push ourselves to move forward.

Have fun, take it easy

We’re developing serious products and when they don’t work right, the consequences can be major – this is a commitment we take very seriously.

We find that the easiest way to handle this intense responsibility is to have fun while doing it, and not take ourselves too seriously. Our marketing material and code contain inside jokes (let us know if you spot them!), our internal messaging is occasionally done in pirate speak, and we all really love to have fun and not take everything so seriously. The end result is a beautiful hybrid of understanding a huge responsibility and having a ton of fun while doing it.

Our team

Mason Randall

Founding Partner

Born in San Luis Obispo, California, and the son of two servers, the restaurant industry seemingly flows through Masons blood – but it wasn’t until he saw first hand the abusive restaurant technology that restaurants were seemingly forced to use that he founded Blueplate.

A true visionary, Mason believes that the restaurant industry and its relationships with technologies should be democratized – technology shouldn’t be the barrier of entry to owning a great restaurant, and restaurant owners should be able to spend all of their time managing restaurant operations – not paying massive premiums to companies who don’t put in the groundwork, or pulling their hair out due to technology that doesn’t function properly.

Mason spends his free time listening to music, exploring, and spending time with family.


Jesse McCreary

Founding Partner

A Georgia native, Jesse moved to the great state of California at 13, but hasn’t quite given up his Georgian roots. He founded Blueplate with the intent of making things fair, and building exciting technologies to move the industry forward.

Jesse spends his free time working out, spending time with friends, and playing games.